Why I write

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  1. To let go of myself, when I write I am able to see my thought process in a tangible form. I am able to express myself. It’s cathartic.
  2. To document things. It could be a simple meal with my family or friends. It could be a big event like attending my best friend’s wedding. It could be a travel journal that logs my feelings and experiences.
  3. By writing a journal, my grandkids can read my journal and learn about grandpa’s history, the women he’d loved, the place he’d been, the things he’d done. All these precious memories may be lost and my grandkids would never know their grandpa.
  4. I can refer to things I have wrote months or years later. It can bring me back immediately to where I was, how I felt, what I’ve learnt, etc.
  5. When I look back in my journal, sometimes I see a different me, sometimes I get to understand myself better, sometimes it helps me in making better decisions. My advisor from the past.
  6. I can be accountable to myself based on the decisions I’ve made, by referring to the journal entry (e.g. Journal entry: 23/8/2012 ; I wrote about my uni crush that I never had the guts to talk to. I should just man the F up and talk to people, what’s the worse that can happen?)
  7. Miscommunication is one of my major pet peeves, and because communication largely centers around the use of language, I practice writing to improve my command of the language, which in turn results in better communication.
  8. Turning an idea in your mind into writing is a skill, writing itself is a skill, all skills needs continual practice to be good. The more I write, the better I get. The better I get at writing, the better I get at communicating ideas.
  9. Language is the common denominator on how people communicate — I want to be a master at communication.
  10. If I don’t write them down, my imaginations disappear into the abyss, as they often do . Yes, I am forgetful. Writing acts as a medium to store my thoughts.
  11. I believe humans are born to create, and writing is my cornerstone creative channel.
  12. By writing, I am finding my own voice, my way of communicating, my personal style. Everyone has one (when they are good at it).
  13. I want to be able tell a story as a good story may change someone’s life. Stories, words, and ideas have the ability to change someone’s mind, which in turn may change their lives, it may even spur them to work on projects that may benefit the world.
  14. A good idea can get lost in the grapevine if not packaged or presented in an appropriate manner. Writing well gets the point across in the shortest amount possible. And I want to be able to do that.
  15. I want to be able to share my passion, the things I know (however limited), my life with the people I love and the world. Writing well helps me get there.

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