We are never ready

We can never be ready for anything.

We are always doing our best at any point of time.

We will put on our best show when the time comes, years of training and suffering all for that 10mins of fame.

I often muse about this:

  • We are the sum of our collective experience
  • We are the sum of the collective experience from our social circle

Through schools we learn how to learn. We figure out how we learn. We figure how to learn by experimenting. We use methods taught by teachers, by copying what our friends are doing, by using sticky notes, by writing out notes on index cards, or regurgitate the materials by writing them down and memorising them.

Through work life we use our existing knowledge to churn out work our bosses throw at us. It could be churning out the report of latest sales, creating a presentation for the new product for prospective clients, or sending that email informing of any latest updates. We use our existing skills to perform all these.

Through our social circle we tap on their collective experience in life. We learn from them through conversations, arguments, disagreements and agreements.

But of these are not taken into consideration when we panic under new circumstances. When we come across a new situation unbeknownst to us, we often fail to ask ourselves the following:

  • We are my existing skills?
  • What do I not know?
  • How can I bridge the gap?

Instead we scramble and look to Google for quick answers. Can we access our own existing skills and contort something amazing out?

Yes we are never ready, but we already have a large list of skills we have picked up through our own experiences. All we need to do is to stay calm, and do something amazing with our existing skill sets.

Another way to look at it is to learn while we go along. That is also one of the best way to learn something new. Picking up new skills needed for the task on hand as we go along. We can do it by:

  1. reading books
  2. googling for information
  3. reading blog posts written by someone who have done it before
  4. talk to an expert
  5. consult a friend
  6. ask family members for help
  7. deliberate practice

There’s nothing we can’t do. It just takes time.

And if we believe that, we can do anything.

It’s true that all these are general descriptions. That’s because there is no hard and fast rule to get anything done.We can do anything with any method. As long as we achieve the outcome we want, do we want to use the ‘only’ method that is out there? Why don’t we take the existing methods, and cut it down 1 step lesser? That would be efficient.

To come to a close, we are never ready for anything. But if we believe we are the sum of our collective experience, we can tap on our existing skill sets. We can pick up new skills as we go along, we can do anything.


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