Thoughts on being overwhelmed

If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, try to look at the bigger picture. Often we get overwhelmed because we are trapped in the minutia. When we look at the bigger picture, we see the reason on why we started in the first place.


We all experience feeling overwhelmed from time to time.


Growing up means taking on unspoken responsibilities of adulthood. Despite reading tons of articles such as (search within Evernote and insert: articles like 20 things I wished I know when I was XX, etc) 20 Things Every Man Should Learn to Be a Respectable Person20-Something And Feeling Completely Lost, Unsolicited Advice, Advice from 30 year old me to 20 year old me, 25 Essential Skills I Wish Somebody Taught Me When I Was Younger, How to be a seriously rad motherfucker, I’m still not prepared. Which means, I still feel confused, lost, and overwhelmed most of the time. Things like getting groceries, paying your own bills, taking care of your physical and emotional health, figuring out my budget for the day/week/month/year/years, etc, are making me feel like a student without his favourite teacher.




Being overwhelmed can be a good thing, if seen from another perspective. Think about this: It is because you are not happy with what you have right now, therefore you take up shit to do, but taking on too much results in feeling overwhelmed. If one adopts the laid back relaxed mood, won’t we go like ‘come on’, just chill, it will all work out.


We want to get from point A to point B, so we do some work, expecting that the work we do is sufficient. And when it’s not, we get frustrated, confused, or even dejected. This also leads to feeling overwhelmed.


Or look at your todo list, mentally calculating how much time you need in order to finish them. Not to mention the 9374729 unread emails. Articles to read, Facebook updates/posts/links/articles/videos, Snapchat stories, Reddit news, local news, global news, groceries list, laundry, social events, so on and so forth.


Or our dreams. We dream of creating the next big thing, being the next Olympian, having perfect body, completing a marathon (does not help if you’ve signed up 5years ago), completing WOD, finding ‘the one’, being the perfect husband/dad/wife/mom/son/daughter/brother/sister/bf/gf/friend/subordinate/boss/colleague/advisor/etc, and many more.


But we have to do the hard work. We simply cannot have it all. We can only pick a few things and work on it incessantly, day and night, rain or shine, until we get some tangible results which pushes us from being a novice hustler to an intermediate hustler. If we try to do too much when we are in ‘beginner mode’, we may well end up doing nothing at all because we are too exhausted in our own minds and by the time when we try to do some work, our mental capacity have been sapped just by looking at the mega todo list. Only when we move on to ‘intermediate mode’, then we are able to take on more responsibilities. It’s like playing a game where you need to level up in order to fight better and to defeat the big boss. Level up your life by Steve Kamb is a good book for this.


The few things we pick to do depends on our ‘why’.


Why do we want to do them?


Do we know our why?


What is the one thing I can do this very moment in order to make some progress?


Try out doing only a few good things. Don’t try to do too much and produce sub-par results for everything while feeling stressed out and negative. Instead do only a few good things, do them well, and satisfaction will come.


Just try it.


Never hurt to tryout a new way of looking at things.

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