On Curiosity

I have an insatiable innate need for knowledge. I am naturally curious. I am curious about the major disciplines we study in school. Business, entrepreneurship, finance, the universe, self improvement, productivity, capitalism, religion, physics, fiction, fashion, materialism, psychology, philosophy, body language, NLP, love, and a ton of other seemingly unrelated matters.

Why am I so curious?

Honestly, I have no idea.

There will be times whereby I dive deep into certain topics (e.g. what is a black hole) and binge read. By the time I get out of the rabbit hole, 3hrs have passed. Although it may seem uncalled for, but the feeling of empowering my own mind with knowledge is awesome.

Of course, I don’t do that often. I have learnt to focus on a single topic for days or weeks just so I am able to explore different perspectives.

Equipping myself with surface knowledge on a wide variety of disciplines have served me well. Because being able to hold a decent conversation with someone just because I have some knowledge of Capitalism or Marxism is satisfying.

Imagine you are at a social setting, you initiate a conversation based on the person’s interest. You are able to provide some inputs, while agreeing to theirs, and at the same time learn more about the topic because you already had some background knowledge. And at the end of the night, you would have shared a connection to someone you’ve just acquainted with, thus releasing all sorts of ‘feel-good’ chemicals. Who knows there’d be follow ups, one thing leads to another, and then boom.. MAGIC.

Now imagine the opposite, you do not know anything about their particular interest so you end the conversation abruptly and move on. How empty and unfulfilling is that? No magic! Why do we deprive ourselves on magic?

I do not know everything, nor will I ever know and understand everything. But that won’t stop me from chasing knowledge. Because my perceptions and lenses of life are shaped by what I read. Even for my rigidity. What I am right now, is made up of my personality, experience in life, social circle, aspirations, and existing knowledge. So while my personality is developed over the years; experience only comes when I get myself out there to experience; building and shaping my social circle don’t come easy; having big dreams but they seem so far; I am able to control and manipulate my own lenses based on the knowledge I feed myself. If I read about negative things, I think of negative things. If I read about the abundance of life, I think and spot opportunities. If I read about love, I’ll love my family and partner more. If I don’t read, I will be operating at where I am. There will of course be times where I’ll mess things up not knowing where I was wrong. If I don’t reflect and find out what’s wrong (most times by seeking out knowledge) I will never learn and grow.

There are many ways of learning, my chosen method is to learn by reading books. It can be broken down into visual, audio, and audio-visual. Visual can mean pictures or texts. Audio, just simply by listening. Audio-visual, something like watching a video or watching someone speak in real life. Different people have different learning styles, and I have found mine.

Have you?

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