Life is made up of moments and decisions

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Life consist of moments and decisions in between.

Do we savour the moments? Or do we squander moments by checking our phones?

Do we make decisions based on mental models, processes, principles, and logic? Or do we decide with our intuitions, gut feeling, social pressure, just because we need immediate gratification?

If we make hasty decisions and not live in the present moment, what does that make us?

Life is a long drawn marathon.

It is probably agreeable amongst philosophers that life in general has no meaning. If we take a step back from the day we are born, till the day we cease to exist, we are given no meaning. If we compare ourselves to other cohabitants on earth, namely animals, the difference is that humans are capable to contemplate our existence. Animals just eat, sleep, procreate, and then die.

Because we are able to contemplate, then we can create meaning. Because we can create meaning, then we do things. But if we don’t do things, such as making a decision to do something and then experience it, we are not able to find meaning.

Experiencing moments, making decisions, veering, reorientation, finding meaning, it’s all a constant never ending reiteration.

However if we don’t stay in the moment or make good decisions, how are we able to extract meaning when everything seems like it’s playing on 10X speed? Think about times where you need to analyse something, you would have slowed down, deconstructed the material, and studied it closely.

So slow down, there’s no need to make hasty decisions. Look into the eyes of your loved ones. Talk to them with full intent. Reply to that email with your whole heart. Run that mile with everything you got. Argue with with the intention of cementing your point, not dishing out personal attacks. Breathe. Listen to your breathing. Do nothing. Smell that hot cup of coffee. Smile at someone with your whole heart.

When you finally lay down to sleep for the last time, you can say: “I have lived life. I have loved. I am loved. I have made a difference. And I am ready.”

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