Just start something, anything. Fighting inner resistance is the first step towards any worthy accomplishment

In the famous book by Steven Pressfield, The War of Art, Pressfield describes resistance as things that holds us back from creating art. Even if you are not an artist, or you don’t call yourself one, perhaps there are things that you have been procrastinating on. If there isn’t one, skip this article.

There are a million articles out there talking about procrastination. Perhaps it’s not your job, perhaps it’s bad habits, perhaps it’s way out of your skill level, perhaps it’s some hidden trauma, perhaps it’s because you’re so busy, perhaps it’s not your priority, perhaps X infinity! There’s always some weird reason given on not doing the work. Myself included, I procrastinate like a madman.

There are no shortcuts to beat procrastination, if you are wondering where this is going.

There’s no easy path. There’s no silver bullet which will magically solve all problems — in fact, there never will be. Most loud claims are merely bandage solutions.

Because the hardest part is getting started.

The lure of least resistance is tempting, it’s ever present, it’s only natural to pick it and relax. But a part of you knows that you shouldn’t, yet you succumb to the devil called comfort zone, again and again.

So don’t.

Just start. Just do it. Just start doing something for 5mins. JUST START.

Inaction is itself a decision. Make the decision to start, today, now, this very moment. Take the path of resistance. Know that it’s a choice.

Start once to break the resistance;

Start ten times to get some momentum;

Start a hundred times to get some confidence;

Start a thousand times and cross off your goals;

Start a few hundred thousand and you would have accomplished something worthy.

Watch this, shut of the internet, and get started.


Get set.


Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

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