Even in today’s modern age, a man should follow the Gentleman’s code

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Every man should follow some form of code. For me, it’s the gentleman’s code.

They are timeless codes that will endure the test of time. Many complain that chivalry is dead. No they are not, there are just too many boys around.

These are the codes I follow, and I hope you do too:

  1. Be courteous and respect other people’s feelings and opinions.
  2. First impressions matter, so dress up, stay well groomed, and smell nice.
  3. The main purpose of dressing well isn’t to impress, it’s self-respect. When you have self-respect, exuding confidence comes naturally — that’s the main purpose.
  4. Opening the door or giving up a seat for a lady isn’t up for discussion.
  5. Starting / instigating a fight is for school boys, but men obtain the power to end one.
  6. Learn how to fight, pray that you will never use it. But when you use it, it is to defend your love ones.
  7. Handwritten “Thank you” cards aren’t outdated. What’s outdated is thoughtful appreciation. Use them.
  8. Don’t play games when it comes to love. If you like them, tell them. Ask them out by calling, not texting.
  9. Make sure everyone has their plate before you start eating.
  10. We don’t always have to be the center of attention, but we are always noticed. It is our signature as gentlemen to come, make a statement, leave, and be remembered.
  11. Admit when you’re wrong. Apologise sincerely, make it up for the oversight, learn from it, and move on.
  12. Don’t harp on past mistakes.
  13. Be a friend, look after each other’s back. No backstabbing business.
  14. Control your emotions, let your guard down appropriately, and never lose your temper.
  15. Watch your language. Foul language signify lack of etiquette and style.
  16. Own a well tailored suit. If you cannot fit the suit you own, make a new suit.
  17. A gentleman never has to tell anyone he is a gentleman. He just is.
  18. Know yourself. Know what you like, what you don’t. Know what you know, what you don’t. Know what values and principles you uphold, what you don’t. And if you don’t know yourself yet, then your job now is to know yourself.
  19. Never engage in gossip. If you are in the vicinity, walk away. If you can’t, defend the absent. If you can’t, walk away.
  20. A gentleman have his own dedication. Know your dedication.
  21. Look forward and keep your shoulders upright when you walk. Don’t ever use your phone to text when walking. If you really need to send that text else you or someone might die, stop, get to the side, and finish your business.
  22. Develop a hobby. A hobby takes your own off worries and trains your ability to focus.
  23. Develop a sense of humour and optimism. It has the power to disarm even the mightiest guard walls.
  24. A gentleman gives nothing but his best for any endeavours he is passionate about. He shall not waste time pursuing trivial things.
  25. Last but not least, a gentleman loves his partner, family, and friends with all his heart and he vow to never break their heart.

With that, I leave you with this timeless passage:

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