Diverse opinions

Nothing in this world is absolute.

Consider this thought experiment: All the science that we know can be proven otherwise. Its science because humans have developed some kind of observation methods, measurements, and hypothesis that is deemed to be true. It’s developed by humans, measured by humans, agreed by humans. What if the measurement system is wrong because we are using the ‘human’ lens in making sense of what’s true?

The above argument points towards nil in absolute truth if you were to switch to a ‘alien’ perspective. Perhaps there are more intelligent species controlling us (think Fermi Paradox) like a puppet? Or there are other unknown forces that we do not know warping our common sense? If it’s true, then nothing is absolute. Ha, the irony.

So if one is unable to conceptualise the above, no matter how outrageous the idea may have sounded, then most likely you are fixated at your own world view and thus unable to accept differing opinions.

It first originated as a thought experiment, whereby it required one to subject themselves onto imaginary scenarios with changing variables, and then try to visualise the possible outcomes. And because of our internal lenses and judgement, sometimes we are unable to accept that there could be diverse truths other than our own.

How many times have our ego took over? How many times have our inflexible mindset controlled us? How many times have we had an uncomfortable situation just because we refuse to acknowledge differing opinions and insist that ours is the absolute truth?

Why don’t we start understanding why others have a different opinion.

Perhaps our lives would be easier if we are able to develop empathy, understand, and accept diverse opinions.

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