Dead Poets Society movie review

Movie teaches us to live in the moment, to seize the day, carpe diem.

It goes deep. How often do we conform to the structure and organisational regulations that were laid out to us? How often are we held back by our fears rather than grabbing life with everything we have? How often we let insecurities dictate our actions rather than face it fearlessly?

The common themes occur in the movie much like how many of us live our lives. Fear of going against what our parents planned for us, fear of asking the girl out because we think she’s out of our league, fear of speaking up by letting our insecurities take over because we are afraid of getting our self-esteem plunging down the highway, fear of pursuing what we actually love because “it’s not the norm” amongst our peers. We let such wonderful experience slip through our hands despite knowing it would have been good, or at least worth the try.

Or how many times we actually take on things jolly knowing it’s not gonna end well but we just want to revel in the excitement of trying out new things that pushes us out of our comfort zone?

Are we living our dreams or are we living someone else’s dream? Do we even have a dream? Don’t we want to suck the marrow all there is to life? To go places, to experience, to love and be loved, to enjoy a good cup of tea, to have a conversation so overwhelming that nothing else matters, to be in the absolute moment where you feel on top of the world, to be alive.

Life is never ending, it will all be here when we are gone, and I want to contribute my verse to this world.

Movie is poetic, a marvellous piece, a movie that brings me back to life.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

— Robert Frost

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